Sensory Resources for Parents and Educators

Sensory Resources for Parents and Educators2022-09-11T18:40:33+01:00

Welcome to our sensory page!

One this page your will find all of the articles Kim has written on sensory processing since 2018!  They include introductions to all things sensory.  Kim answers questions like ‘What is Sensory Processing? and explores sensory challenges, supports and equipment.  Don’t be afraid to hit the ‘load more button’!  There’s a search option at the top right of the page if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Sensory Introduction

Sensory Training

Become your child’s sensory champion

If you want to take your sensory knowledge to the next level joining our online training is a must!  In the training our founder, Kim, walks you through everything sensory.  From understanding proprioception, to arousal and neurology.  Kim covers it all.

There are options for everyone.  The introduction is free.  The full training is indexed to the UK national minimum wage, as our goal is to keep things affordable.  There are also discounts for schools purchasing for more than four staff.

Join Kim and take a deep dive into sensory and become your child’s sensory championClick here to start your learning journey today.

Sensory Challenges & Supports

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