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Griffin OT is on a mission to make sensory processing disorder training and motor skills development programmes affordable and accessible to all. We provide online training and therapy programme solutions for parents and teachers. All our resources teach:

  • What you could do to help your child or the children you work with
  • Why you are doing those things
  • How to do them safely

Founded in 2010 by occupational therapist Kim Griffin, GriffinOT’s initial focus was to provide private occupational therapy in clinics and schools.  Witnessing many cuts to occupational therapy provision in both health care and education since then, Kim wanted to address some of the consequences, so, in 2017, she set up the online training and resource arm of Griffin Occupational Therapy.

‘Cuts mean parents and teachers are all too often left to run their children’s occupational therapy programme with little support and limited training.  Many children in need of help are also far too often not even eligible for services because their difficulties are deemed ‘not bad enough’. I created GriffinOT’s online resources to help address this.’

Kim Griffin, Founder, Griffin OT

GriffinOT Sensory

GriffinOT aims to:

  • Provide affordable, easily accessible and high-quality training for parents and teachers of children with sensory processing disorder

  • Help parents and teachers to understand how their children’s sensory processing patterns can enhance or affect their learning

  • Outline strategies, equipment and resources that can be used in everyday life for children with sensory processing challenges

  • Provide affordable, high quality online occupational therapy solutions for home, school and everywhere!

Whilst the training arm of GriffinOT it is relatively new, Kim hopes that news of her training packages for sensory processing and motor skills will spread fast.  Our flagship online training course ‘Sensory Processing – What’s the Fuss?’ is available in both a group and individual format.  Additional training and therapy programmes on fine and gross motor skills for home and school will follow in early 2019.  We consciously create all of our training  with parents and teachers in mind. Individuals can access them flexibly over three-six months.  Soon schools will be able to access them flexibly and affordably with an annual subscription rate too.

Our website offers information and resources for parents and teachers on sensory processing disorder. We also review equipment from time to time.

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