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GriffinOT was founded by occupational therapist Kim Griffin in 2010.  Since this time whilst working in private practice, Kim has seen many cuts to health and education occupational therapy services in the UK.  This has left parents and teachers to run their children’s occupational therapy programmes with little training and limited support.  To close this gap and provide affordable, easily accessible training for parents and teachers, Kim launched the online training arm of GriffinOT in 2017.

GriffinOT aims to:

  • Provide affordable, easily accessible and high-quality training for parents and teachers of children with Sensory Processing Disorder.

  • Help parents and teachers to understand how their children’s sensory processing patterns can enhance or affect their learning.

  • Outline strategies, equipment, and resources that can be used in everyday life for children with sensory processing challenges.

Sensory Processing for Parents

Whilst the training arm of GriffinOT it is relatively new, Kim hopes that news of her training packages for sensory processing and motor skills will spread fast.  The company launched its pilot online sensory processing training package in October 2017 and received excellent feedback.  The updated version course was launched in May 2018 with the group training package following in then June.  Additional training on fine and gross motor skills will follow in early 2019.  All of our training is specifically created with parents and teachers in mind.   The online sensory processing disorder courses are designed to be accessed flexibly over three months to allow parents and teachers to complete the modules at their own pace and in their own time.  An annual subscription rate will also be available for schools.

Our website aims to offer information and resources for parents and teachers on sensory processing disorder. We will also review equipment from time to time.

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