GriffinOT helps children to achieve their full potential by equipping the adults around them with the tools they need to help.  This includes supporting educators, parents, and other professionals. GriffinOT’s founder Kim shares her expertise to increase understanding and confidence of adults supporting children with additional needs.  She provides practical ideas and clear guidance on how to support sensory processing, fine motor skills and handwriting development.

Kim is on a mission to ensure that all adults supporting children with additional needs have immediate access to occupational therapy expertise. She wants to make advice on sensory processing differences and motor skill delays accessible to everyone.  This is why she created the GriffinOT’s online resources.  These include website articles, a mix of free and paid for training, books and fine motor skill and handwriting programmes.

All resources are designed to help teachers and parents understand how they can support children’s sensory differences or motor skill challenges.  You can use the resources to support children of all ages, whether they have a diagnosis or not.  They are especially relevant for adults supporting children who have sensory issues, motor skill or developmental delays, autism, dyspraxia or ADHD.

We also know it is important to monitor our impact.  You can read our impact reports, case studies and product reviews here.

A message from GriffinOT’s founder Kim Griffin

‘Budget cuts mean parents and teachers are all too often left to run their children’s occupational therapy programme with very little support or training.  On top of this, far too many children in need of help are not even eligible for services because health professionals deem their difficulties ‘not bad enough’. I created GriffinOT’s online resources to help to ensure that all children have immediate access to high quality occupational therapy expertise.’

Kim Griffin, Founder, Griffin OT

Kim wants you to understand

  • Why your child or the children you work with may find certain activities or environments more challenging than other children.

  • How you can help children who experience sensory processing differences.

  • What you can do to support children who have motor skill challenges, including handwriting.

  • When and why you might use certain strategies to support different children

  • How to implement suggestions and strategies correctly and safely.

How occupational therapists can help

Children’s, or paediatric, occupational therapists (OTs) are uniquely qualified to help children with sensory processing, independence with personal care tasks, dyspraxia, developmental coordination disorder and fine motor skill development.  Alongside the other health professionals, OTs also support children’s play skills, access to learning and gross motor skills.

OTs can help to support children who need extra help with with activities like handwriting, dressing, feeding, and poor coordination with sports.  They are also the experts in sensory differences, including sensory sensitivity and sensory seeking.  Whilst we wholeheartedly believe that direct children’s occupational therapy (OT) intervention is best practice, we are aware that in many cases there is limited or no access to occupational therapists.  GriffinOT is aiming to bridge this gap by providing online therapy supports and courses for parents and educations.


Kim is  registered with the Health and Care Professional Council in the UK.  She is a member of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists, including the Independent Practice and Children and Families Special Interest Groups.  She maintains Gold membership with the Sensory Integration network and is an Advanced Sensory Integration Practitioner.

Advanced Sensory Integration Practitioner
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Support we have received

In addition, GriffinOT has received additional business support from Cambridge Social Ventures and the NWES Women in Social Tech programmes.  Most recently GriffinOT has joined the Fair Education Alliance as one of their Innovation Award winners for 2020.  Our training Sensory Processing with GriffinOT has also been short listed for the NASEN 2020 Awards in the innovation in technology category.

You can download our statement of responsible business principles here.

FEA award winner badge 2020
Shortlisted for NASEN Awards 2020 Badge

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