Sensory Processing Disorder Training Courses

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The GriffinOT Sensory Processing Disorder training courses are specifically designed not only to help you to understand what Sensory Processing Disorder is but also how it may affect different children.  The training aims to teach you why the senses are important for children’s learning and how they affect your children’s behaviour and interactions.  We also provide ideas on how to support children’s sensory processing challenges at home and school.

Sensory Processing Disorder Training

Why might you be interested in our training?

  • Has your child just been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder?

  • Do you work with children who have Sensory Processing Disorder?

  • Do you want to understand more about Sensory Integration?

  • Does your child have Autism?

  • Do you work with children or adults who have Autism?

If the answer to any of the above is YES! then our Sensory Processing Disorder training is for you.

What  Sensory Processing Disorder Training Courses Are Available?

Sensory Processing: What’s the Fuss?

This course starts with an introduction to sensory processing and arousal.  Then we cover the seven senses, yes seven!  Next, we look at the human nervous system but promise to make it simple!  We move on to sensory modulation, including what sensory modulation is and what sensory modulation difficulties might look like in different children.  Finally, we discuss ideas on how to help children with sensory processing difficulties.

For more specific information on each module please see the online sensory training course page. We are currently testing content and would love your feedback.

Who Is The Sensory Processing Disorder Training Designed For?

The training is written specifically for parents and teachers who want to learn more about Sensory Processing Disorder and how it affects their children or the children they work with.  It will, however, provide a basic introduction for medical professionals with no previous knowledge in the area.  This would include GPs, social workers, psychologists, nurses, and physiotherapists.

How Can You Access Our Sensory Processing Disorder Training?

The training is designed to be accessed online or be delivered on-site.  The online training can be accessed at home or work.  It is designed to be completed in your own time,  at your own pace over three months.  The on-site training is suitable for groups of 10 or more and can currently be delivered in the UK and Ireland.

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