Understand fine motor skills so you can know how to help your students

Our introduction to fine motor skills course is designed to for teachers, EYFS practitioners and teaching support assistants.  At the end of the training you will understand the stages of fine motor skill development.  This includes how posture, and grasps, including pencil grasp, develops.  We include ideas to support children with handwriting challenges.  In addition, you will learn about different options for supporting children to develop their scissor skills.

You can purchase it separately as stand alone training, but we recommended purchasing the annual subscription so that you have access to all of our fine motor content.  This includes our handwriting programme Write Rules and our Fine Motor Skills Programme.

Who will the training help?

  • SENCOs wanting to understand more about the foundations of fine motor skill develop

  • Teachers wanting to understand how to help students to improve their pencil and scissor skills

  • Teaching assistants who support children with fine motor skill delays

  • Early years practitioners looking to broaden their understanding of fine motor skill development

What’s included in the training?

  • Fine motor skill development

  • Postural control and how this affects fine motor skills

  • Grasp development – including pencil grasp

  • How to teach handwriting effectively

  • Tips for helping children with common handwriting difficulties

  • How to choose scissors for children who are struggling to cut

  • 12 months’ access to the content

What does the Fine Motor Skills Training Course look like?

Here’s an example video from the training.  The training includes a mix of pictures, demonstrations and Kim presenting.  There are summary handouts to download to help with learning.


The fine motor introduction can be purchased as a stand alone training, or with the whole fine motor and handwriting programme.  You will receive access within 48 hours of payment.

Training Only


Individual Subscription


School Subscription


Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive access after payment?

We aim to send out access coupons within 24 hours, but sometimes this takes 48.   Please keep an eye on your inbox for an extra email from Kim (this is a different email to your payment receipt).  If you have joined on the weekend it will take longer.

What content do teachers have access to in the subscription?

The package includes includes 12 months’ access to the fine motor training and our fine motor skills programme and our Write Rules handwriting programme.

What content do teachers have access to in the training only?

This option only provides 12 months’ access to the 2.5 hour training package.  It does not provide access to the practical resources you can use with your children.

When does the subscription renew?

The subscription will be due for renewal at the end of 12 months.  If you have paid by credit card, the subscription will automatically renew on the day.  If you have paid by invoice, we will send you a new invoice 2 months ahead of your subscription expiry.  We highly recommend paying your invoice when it is issued, so that there is no disruption to your access.

You can cancel your renewal at any time.  You will have continued access to Write Rules until your current period is finished.  There is no part refund for unused months.

What is the refund policy?

We highly recommend you view the free trial first to understand whether Write Rules is for you.  We offer a 60 day refund if you are not happy with your purchase, less an administration fee of 20%.  All staff and parents will lose access to the content on the day the refund is processed.

What do I have access to in the free trial?

The free trial gives access to the following

  • The Write Rules lesson plan booklet (pdf)
  • All teaching content (stories, worksheets, games, songs) for Write Rules Weeks 1-5 of Stage 1
  • All teaching content (stories, worksheets, games, songs) for Write Rules Weeks 1-5 of Stage 2
  • An example education video
  • Four example fine motor activity programme videos

What happens after I finish the free trial?

We recommend you purchase a subscription.  You will have continued access to the free content, but not to further weeks of the programme.

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