Kim, founder of GriffinOT, has published two books.  The first, Sensory Group, is a step by step programme designed to support children who have sensory sensitivities.  The second, Supporting Pencil Grasp Development, helps children to develop a mature pencil grasp.

Sensory Group Book 1

Sensory Group (£18.99) is a  step by step guide to setting up and running a joint attention play group to help children who have sensitivities to different textures.  It provides background information to sensory sensitivities and a structured way to support children.  You can learn more here.

Supporting Pencil Grasp Development (£12.99) is a step by step programme to teach you how you can help children to improve their pencil grasp.  It includes fine motor activities and also worksheets which can be used to help younger children starting out and older children who may need a bit more help.  Learn more here.

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