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At GriffinOT our goal is to ensure that all educators and parents have immediate access to affordable expert occupational therapy advice

From worries about pencil grasp to questions on sensory processing disorder and autism, Griffin Occupational Therapy is here to help.  If you’re at the start of your journey, our website has many resources to help answer your questions.  For those who want to learn more we offer a range of online training courses.  Our materials are designed by occupational therapist Kim Griffin to help educators, parents and health professionals understand and support their children’s additional needs.  GriffinOT  is on a social mission to make universal occupational therapy supports affordable and accessible. 

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“Parents and educators are all too often left to organise their children’s occupational therapy programme with little support and limited training.  Through online resources and training I am aiming to change this.”

Kim Griffin, Founder GriffinOT

Empowering Educators

Helping Families

  • Sensory processing – our guide to symptoms, diagnosis, support and treatment options

  • Pencil grasp – our guide to grasp development

  • Fine motor skills – learn how to children who have poorly developed fine motor skills

  • Special education needs (SEN) – learn how this might affect your child and how to navigate the system (coming soon)

“All staff working in an education setting should complete Sensory Processing with GriffinOT; it is insightful and grounded in the reality of what our learners feel and experience. The links to autism are particularly helpful.”

Headteacher, UK

Training Testimonials

“This introductory course to SPD is perfectly pitched: it deals with very complex concepts in a clear, direct way which is accessible to all. I will be adding the full course to my team’s CPD. Many thanks to GriffinOT”

“I found this course really easy to follow and liked how you could stop and come back to the course over a period of time in order to complete it.”

“The material was clear and understandable, even being unfamiliar with certain terms prior to the course. The videos were engaging and real life examples aided in understanding the topic further.”

“This was such a useful course. We have very little access to an OT in school and an increasing number of children with sensory processing difficulties. This course has enabled me to gain a better understanding of their needs and as SENCO better support class teachers who are working hard to meet the needs of all their pupils – thank you.”

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