Sensory Processing Disorder Training & Motor Skills Programmes

Griffin Occupational Therapy (GriffinOT) provides affordable online children’s therapy solutions for schools and families.  Our packages are designed to help teachers and parents understand and support their children’s sensory processing and/or motor skill challenges.  This includes, but is not limited to, children of all ages who may have sensory issues, motor skill or developmental delays, autism, or ADHD.  Whilst we wholeheartedly believe that direct children’s occupational therapy (OT) intervention is best practice, we are aware that in many cases there is limited or no access to occupational therapists.  GriffinOT online training and programmes can be used alongside direct OT provision or as standalone training.

Our goal is to make this training both high quality and affordable for schools and parents.  We want our training to be easily accessible, which is why our courses are available online.  Our flagship online course ‘Sensory Processing: What’s the Fuss?’ is designed for anyone wanting an introduction to Sensory Processing Disorder.  This includes parents, teachers, teaching assistants, and grandparents.  It also could  be useful for health professionals with little to no knowledge on the topic.

Our courses aim not just to teach you what you can do to help your child or the children you work with.  We strive to help you know why are doing those things.  We also teach you how to do them safely.  All of our courses start with the basics and build from there.  Each course includes tips for safety and correct use of strategies.

At GriffinOT we aim to provide affordable, high quality online occupational therapy solutions for home, school and everywhere!

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spd course

Introduction to Sensory Processing Disorder – Free Course

Are you a parent or teacher? Want to learn more about your seven senses?  Yes, you read that correctly, seven senses!  Or do you want to learn more about Sensory Processing Disorder?  In this one hour course, GriffinOT’s founder, Kim Griffin, will teach you about the seven senses.  This includes the ones you may not be as familiar with, such as the vestibular and proprioceptive senses.  She will also give a brief introduction to the three parts of Sensory Processing Disorder.  This includes sensory modulation and dyspraxia.  Not sure what any of these terms mean? Then start your sensory learning journey today, by joining our free course.

sensory group book 1

Empowering children to explore their senses.

Sensory Group is step by step a 12-24 week programme designed for children who have difficulties engaging with sensory-based play.  Sensory Group Book 1 targets sensory sensitivity or sensory avoidance, joint attention and turn taking. The group is suitable for children with autism or developmental delays who need extra support to engage in messy play and adult led teaching.  It is designed for use in an early year’s school setting, but could also be used in a therapy setting or at home if additional children were available to help support the group.

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