Sensory Processing with GriffinOT – Level 1: The Basics Key Information

  • 1 Hour Long

  • Free!

  • Certificate Included

A free introduction to sensory processing

Our free sensory course explores the basics of sensory processing disorder and sensory integration.  It is designed for teachers, parents and professionals who want an introduction to sensory processing disorder.  At the end we hope that you will understand the different types of sensory issues.  We briefly explore different models of sensory processing disorder and sensory integration.  You’ll also learn all about the eight senses, rather than the five you might have been told about at school.

Who’s enrolled in our online sensory processing training in 2021?

Teachers / Teaching Assistants

Who is the online SPD training course designed for?

  • Teachers working with children or adults who have Sensory Processing Disorder or autism.

  • Teaching assistants wanting to learn how they can support students with sensory processing challenges in the classroom.

  • Parents of children with Sensory Processing Disorder or autism.

  • Health Professionals with limited or no knowledge about Sensory Processing Disorder.  This includes GPs, social workers, physiotherapists, psychologists and nurses wanting an introduction to Sensory Processing Disorder / Sensory Integration.

What topics will I learn about?

  • Sensory input

  • All eight senses – yes 8 – including proprioception, interoception and the vestibular sense.

  • The components of Sensory Processing Disorder

  • Sensory seeking, sensory sensitivity and slower responses

How will this sensory training help me?

The training will help to improve your knowledge and confidence when supporting children with sensory needs.  Our 2021 review indicated positive changes in both knowledge and confidence even after the introduction.  You can also read one teacher’s reflection of how she has used the training in her classroom here.

What Does the Online Sensory Processing Training Look Like?

In this video Kim explains how the training works and what it looks like. The training includes a mix of slides and Kim presenting.  There are handouts to download and additional links to other content to help with learning.

What’s in the different Levels?

The full list of topics is available here – Sensory Processing with GriffinOT

Free Sensory Course – Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive access to the training?

Once your join our community you will receive a link to access the training, both on screen and in your inbox.  Sometimes the invite goes into spam so check there as well.

How long do I have access to the content?

Once enrolled you will have six months’ access to the course content.

Do I have to start at Level 1

Yes, we recommend completing Level 1 before continuing onto Level 2 or 3.

Is there a completion certificate?

Yes, you will receive a certificate at the end of the free course.

Can I upgrade to Level 2 or 3 after completing Level 1

Of course you can!  You can join either the self-paced course or the group coaching option.

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