At GriffinOT we believe that occupational therapists (OTs) have unique skills which can help children, such as those with autism or developmental delays, who may have sensory difficulties, and /or poor coordination skills.  Our mission is to make sure that all adults supporting children with these difficulties have immediate access to affordable OT expertise.  We do this by providing online children’s OT solutions for schools and families.

To define affordability, we have indexed our pricing model to the UK National Minimum Wage.  This decision was made during Kim’s time at Cambridge Social Ventures.  Here, Kim was challenged to define the term ‘affordability’  as what one person considers ‘affordable’ may not be the same figure another person considers as ‘affordable’.  Kim felt that indexing pricing to the UK National Minimum Wage would provide clarity.  The pricing model has been written into the Company’s Articles of Association.

Our training

Our current training includes a mix of free and paid courses.  There is a subscription model available for schools.

You can learn more about our courses and programmes by clicking the topic that interests you below.

Sensory Processing

Understand sensory behaviours and learn about sensory supports

Fine Motor Skills

Education and instructional videos which show you how to help

Pencil Grasp

Learn how to support mature pencil grasp development

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