In September 2019 GriffinOT will be launching a new programme focused on developing fine motor skills for children with motor skill delays. We plan to follow this up with a targeted programme to help to develop gross motor skills and posture.  Access to all levels of these programmes will be available on a subscription basis for schools with parents being able to purchase the individual sections that are relevant to their child.

Each programme will be broken into clear levels with an easy assessment to know which level the child should start at.  There will be education videos describing why the skills are important and each activity will have a demonstration video showing you what to do and also what not to do!

If you are interested in these programmes, please join our mailing list  and tick the ‘Motor Skill Development Programmes’ box to be notified of when these programmes are released.  Or if you are interested in being an evaluating school for more information please read the information below.  If you think the programme will be relevant please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

What is the GriffinOT Fine Motor Skills Programme?

The GriffinOT Fine Motor Skills Programme (FMSP) is a set of over 150 activities designed to help children from age 3 ½ and above improve their fine motor skills.  Fine motor skills are all of the small movements our hands and fingers make completing fine motor activities.  Doing up buttons, squeezing toothpaste onto a tooth brush, cutting with scissors and using a pencil are examples of fine motor activities.  In fact, any activity that you do with your hands and fingers relies on your fine motor skills.

The programme is available online.  It consists of six levels of varying difficult.

What’s special about our online programme?

The first big difference with our programme is that there an instructional video for every activity in the programme.  These videos show you how to do the activities correctly.  The videos also show you the things you need to avoid when the child is doing the activities.  We feel this information is essential to ensure activities are being done correctly so the children have the most benefit from doing fine motor skill activities.  Each activity comes with tips on how to make it easier and harder so that you can adapt it for the individual child.  In addition there are educational videos which describe the skills being developed in each section of the programme.

The second difference with our programme is that it can be tailored to the ability of each individual child.  The activities are divided into six different sections.  Each activity has an expected target.  This allows you to move the child onto a new activity once they are successful with the easier activities.  The result is that the child is not left doing the same set of activities until their programme is (or in many cases is not) reviewed.  It allows the adult to change the child’s programme as their skills improve.  It also means that if a child needs to spend longer on a particular activity to be successful with it, they can.

What we are looking for in an evaluating school:

  • That you already run fine motor groups or complete fine motor activity programmes with children in your school
  • That you are interested in testing our product and giving us feedback
  • That you are prepared to allow staff to complete evaluation questionnaires before, after and during access to the programme

What is required of your school:

  • Allocation of named staff member to link in with GriffinOT throughout the evaluation
  • Allocation of time for staff to watch the education videos (approx 4 hours, this could be done as an inset day)
  • Allocation of time for staff to familiarise themselves with the product and materials (2-4 hours depending on the individual’s speed)
  • Willingness to use the programme activities in fine motor groups or with individual children at your school
  • Completion of evaluation questionnaires before (June/Jul  19), during (Nov/Dec 19) and after (April 20) using programme (3-4 questionnaires, 10 minutes completion time each)

What you will receive:

  • One year’s access to the online programme starting in September 2019

If you are interested in being an evaluating school please fill out the form below and leave your details for us to contact you.

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