Helping with Fine Motor Skills – Individual Children

Helping with Fine Motor Skills – Individual Children2020-08-26T17:58:34+01:00

Fine Motor Skills Programme – Individual Levels Key Information

  • 18 months – 10+ years

  • £24

  • Step by step videos

An option for families supporting children at home

Our online, video-based fine motor skills programme is unique. It has been thoughtfully designed to provide adults with easy to understand knowledge about how fine motor skills develop. There are both educational and instructional videos for each activity.  The programme offers a structured way for adults to help children with immature fine motor skills.  We ‘show’ you what you can do to help and also teach you the ‘why.’

The individual levels are suitable for

  • Parents who want to learn how to help their children’s fine motor skills develop

  • A teachers running groups for children who have fine motor skill delays

  • Teaching assistants who want to activities to help students with their fine motor skills

  • Early years practitioners looking for supports to help children with immature fine motor skills

For schools we would recommend the school subscription as it includes 12 months’ access to all parts of the programme for five staff.  When purchasing individual Levels, there is only 4 months’ access with each purchase for one Level.

What’s included in the sections?

  • Education videos on fine motor skill development

  • Structured list of activities to complete, which increase in difficulty

  • Clear targets for each activities to help you know when to move to the next one

  • Instructional videos for each activity

  • Worksheets when needed (e.g. pencil control and cutting worksheets)

  • Flexibility to allow each child to progress at their own pace

  • Tips for helping children who are finding it more difficult


Developmentally sequenced activities to allow progression


Education and instructional videos to enhance staff understanding


Each child can progress at their own pace and in their own time

What are the different levels of the Fine Motor Skills Programme?

It is really important that the child starts at the best level for their current ability.  This questionnaire can help you to determine the best level for your child. You can also complete it electronically here.  (We apologise that the link is slow to load).  If you are a school, we highly recommend purchasing the annual subscription.  This gives access to all levels.   You can read more about the school subscription here.

graphic of the 6 sections of the fine motor programme

Further information on the programme is available in this brochure.

What do the Fine Motor Skill Programme videos look like?

Here’s an example education video from the programme.  Each video includes a mix of pictures, demonstrations and Kim presenting.  There are summary handouts to download to help with learning too.

Here’s an example of an activity video from the programme.  Each activity video includes clear instructions on how to do the activity.  There is a set goal and recommendations to make the activity harder and easier.  Where needed, worksheets are also provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who presents the training and programmes?2020-02-19T11:39:43+00:00

The author, occupational therapist Kim Griffin, presents all the courses.  Courses include a mixture of Kim presenting, slides, handouts and some external material.  All material is available online.

Can schools request an invoice for payment?2020-02-19T11:28:44+00:00

Absolutely!  You can email us at and we will organise this.  Please let us know which courses/programmes you would like an invoice for and for how many staff.

What are the different sections of the fine motor skills programme?2020-02-19T11:25:00+00:00

There are six sections to the programme.  The sections progress in developmental order.  Level 1 is suitable for children from 18 months old.  Then there are four levels of increasingly harder fine motor activities.  There is also a specific section to support pencil grasp development.  In 2020, we will be releasing a section to help with scissor skills.

How do I know which level suits each child?2020-02-19T11:18:21+00:00

There are 25 questions which will help you to know which level is the best level for a child to start with.  You can view the questionnaire here.  Or if you prefer you can complete it online here. (Sorry the link will take a minute to load).

How long do I have access to the fine motor skills programme?2019-12-25T16:07:52+00:00

If you have purchased an individual level, you will have 4 months to complete the activities with your child.

Which children will benefit most from the fine motor skills programme?2020-03-03T14:10:45+00:00

This programme is for 18 month old to 12 year old children with delays or immaturity with fine motor skills.  It is perfect for children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), joint hypermobility, or dyspraxia.  It is also helpful for children with a poor pencil grasp and those who struggle with buttons or using scissors.

Are there any children who will not benefit from the programme?2020-03-03T14:29:56+00:00

The programme is not specifically for children with an identified neurological condition causing their fine motor skill difficulties, such as cerebral palsy. However, you can use it with these children, providing you understand that they may not be able to complete all activities and their progress may be slower. These children also benefit from extra support from an occupational therapist, even if they are accessing the programme.

We do not recommend the programme for children who have degenerative conditions, such as muscular dystrophy.

Why will the fine motor skills programme help?2020-02-18T15:20:09+00:00

The programme offers a structured option to schools and families supporting children with fine motor delays.  Each level includes developmentally sequenced activities to help adults to know what they can do to help children with their fine motor skills.  We offer tips on how to make activities easier or harder depending on the child’s needs.  Children can complete the programme at their own pace.  The instructional videos aim to show how you can best help improve a child’s skills.

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