The Beginning July 2017

This venture marks a new stage for my learning. I wanted to start to document the steps so far in part for my own memory but also to show a little bit of behind the scenes at GriffinOT.

The concepts of the training were initially from a book that I am still authoring!  Whilst researching the book, attending courses and teaching on some of those courses I became aware that online training options weren’t readily available.  Whilst there is highly specialised training for therapists, there is very little introductory training available at a reasonable price.  This surprised me and shifted my focus to the online training arm of GriffinOT.  My hope is that this will be an easier way to explore the World of Sensory for many parents and teachers.

This week I have successfully completed the first cut of modules 1-8 and 11!  A fortnight ago, this task was feeling a little impossible.  I had 8+ hours of video to review, a website to write and an appointment to remove 2 wisdom teeth.  Despite this, somehow it is done.

During the week I have realised a lot about my filming skills, or lack there of.  This will lead to a few changes for the next round of filming.  I have relied heavily on my notes from the Adobe Premier Pro course I completed in April – May at CityLit.  I’d like to send a big Thank You out to Lily Markiewicz! Her patience and simplicity have definitely allowed me to be more confident in using the programme but also gave me an insight into editing that I would never have considered.  My hope is the first cut of ‘Sensory – What’s the Fuss?’ flows and makes sense but I need to ask my critics!

I have completed the skeleton for the new website.  I am glad I did a Beginners course in WordPress as I think it has allowed me to avoid a few pitfalls.  I’m happy with the result but time will tell I suppose as to whether I’ve been successful.  So many new acronyms!  So many things to consider.  I’m not the biggest follower of social media so this definitely what my next training course will be on!

The thing I was probably most excited about this week is that I managed to use my TV as a second screen!  Easy for techies but quite exciting for us mere mortals!

Dual Screen Editing

The next few weeks I need to get back to the day job that pays my bills, but am so far on target to deliver my complete first cut by the end of August (maybe first week in September!).  Until then.

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