Sensory Processing with GriffinOT – Level 2: Key Information

  • 3 Hours Total (includes Level 1)

  • £36

  • Includes Completion Certificate

Sensory Processing with GriffinOT – Level 2

Level Two of our sensory training continues to build on the basics learnt in Level One. It is designed for teachers, parents and professionals who want to learn a bit more than the basics.  It is perfect for those that are living or working with children who might have sensory processing challenges or autism.  This training includes

  • More information on the different types of sensory issues

  • Further exploration of sensory modulation

  • What to consider when you’re helping individuals with sensory issues

  • How to set goals and monitor effectiveness

Who’s enrolled in our online sensory processing training in 2020?

Teachers / Teaching Assistants

Who is Sensory Processing with GriffinOT – Level 2 for?

  • Teachers working with children who have sensory difficulties.

  • Teaching assistants who want to learn more about sensory processing to help their students.

  • Parents who want to learn more about the senses and sensory processing.

  • Those working or living with children or adults who have Sensory Processing Disorder or Autism.

  • Health Professionals with limited or no knowledge about Sensory Processing Disorder.  This includes GPs, social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, psychologists and nurses wanting an introduction to Sensory Processing Disorder / Sensory Integration.

What topics will I learn about?

  • All of the content in Levels 1 PLUS

  • More about sensory modulation including how the sub-types present

  • How sensory processing affects arousal

  • Introduction to why you might use sensory strategies

  • Goal setting and monitoring of effectiveness

Don’t forget you can purchase Level 2 & 3 for £45.  Level 3 covers strategies and sensory supports.

What Does the Online Sensory Processing Training Look Like?

Here’s an example video from the training.  It’s from module two which describes sensory input.  The training includes a mix of slides and Kim presenting.  There are handouts to download and additional links to other content to help with learning.

What’s in the different Levels?

The full list of topics is available here – Sensory Processing with GriffinOT

What teachers are saying…..

‘The online sensory processing training was very convenient.  I wish I had access to a course like this years ago!’

Teacher, Australia

‘This was such a useful course. We have very little access to an OT in school and an increasing number of children with sensory processing difficulties. This course has enabled me to gain a better understanding of their needs and as SENCO better support class teachers who are working hard to meet the needs of all their pupils – thank you.’


What parents are saying …..

‘It’s great that the online sensory processing training modules are ‘bite-size’ and that you can access them whenever you have the time to complete them.  Very useful.’

Parent, USA

‘Thank you. It was an easily accessible course, well-structured and very informative.’

Parent, UK

What professionals are saying…..

‘Brilliant!  I am learning lots and enjoying this.  Love the length of the modules as easy to fit into a busy life.  Also, the right amount of information to digest/apply to working life without feeling overloaded.  Clear, easy to understand.  Friendly presenter, nice style and clear communication.’

Speech and Language Therapist, UK

Frequently Asked Questions – Sensory Processing with GriffinOT – Level 2?

When will I receive access to the training?

We aim to send access coupons within 48 hours of purchase.  This is typically within 24 hours on weekdays.  You can start learning with Level 1 and we will upgrade your account as soon as we can.

How long is the training?

  • Level 1 is 1 hour. Total = 1 hour.
  • Level 2 is a further 2 hours. Total = 3 hours.
  • Level 3 contains a further 4 hours of content. Total = 7 hours.

How long do I have access to the content?

Once enrolled you will have six months’ access to the course content.

Do I have to start at Level 1

Yes, we recommend completing Level 1 before continuing onto Level 2.

Is there a completion certificate?

Yes, you will receive a certificate when you complete the course.

Can I upgrade to Level 3 after completing Level 2

Yes, you can, however the cost to upgrade is £30.  You save £15 by purchasing Level 2&3 upfront.

How much does the training cost in a different currency?

You can use to convert UK£ into your own currency.  Your bank will likely charge a small fee as it will class as an international transaction.  Exchange rates constantly change so we advise that you check the rates when you are purchasing.

We will send an access code or upgrade your account within 48 hours of payment.

Other online sensory processing training options

If you’re not quite ready to sign up for the entire course you might want to consider our other online sensory processing training.  There is the free basic course and Level 2.  These courses cover an introduction to sensory processing disorder and the seven senses.  We cover what sensory processing is and how the senses support learning and function.  We also briefly introduce sensory discrimination, dyspraxia, and sensory modulation.  These courses only provide an introduction and do not provide ideas or strategies on how to support children or adults with Sensory Processing Disorder.  Strategies and ideas are covered in Level 3.

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