We are pleased to announce the beta launch of our online training course Sensory Processing – What’s the Fuss?  As this is the first online version of the course we are launching for free and would love to hear your feedback.

Why Is It Free?

We are currently testing content and looking for feedback on the course which is why we have launched it for free.  Enrollment on course will be free until the end of 2017.

What Will I Learn?

The primary goal of our training Sensory Processing – What’s the Fuss is that you learn how to support children with sensory processing challenges throughout their day at home and school.  We hope that you will walk away from the course knowing not just what you could do but why you are doing it.  A detailed outline of the course can be found here.

How Can I Access Sensory Processing – What’s the Fuss?

Free enrolment has now closed.  Please check out our course information page for updated information on courses.