Scissor Skill Worksheets Booklet 3

Scissor Skill Worksheets Booklet 3

Our scissor skill worksheets are designed to help children to improve their cutting skills.  They are taken from our Supporting Scissor Skills programme.  All worksheets are all designed by Kim here at GriffinOT headquarters, with a lot of help from our illustrator Fran.

You can purchase the booklets separately, but they ALL  come with our supporting scissor skill programme.  The programme includes 12 months' access to additional education and instructional videos which will teach you know how to use the worksheets more effectively.

This programme is broken into three booklets. Within the booklets, the worksheets become progressively harder.

  • Booklet one is designed for children who need to learn how to hold scissors, paper and to make snips.
  • Booklet two builds on these skills and includes increasingly complex shapes.
  • The shapes in booklet three become more complex.  They include cutting  inside shapes too.

Not all children need to start at booklet one. Children can start at the booklet that best suits their needs.

Booklet 3 is best suited for children who are competent with cutting basic shapes but need to practice more complex cutting patterns.

It includes:

  • Complex shapes with multiple turns and small sections
  • Cut and tape activities
  • Zig zags
  • Stars
  • Inside cutting (e.g. eyes on a mask)

There are 81 worksheets

If this sounds too hard Booklet 1 or 2 will be more appropriate for your child.  Remember you can also purchase the whole programme here for £24.